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Skype sextortionist

You could then use the Search function with the device name to see if it does find this program.If this works, then in the future Process Explorer can find for you which program is using the webcam.Beware that it has two Device Handles in that case.Right-click and select Properties (or Double-click), go to the Details Tab and search for "Physical Device Object name" in the Properties dropdown list and copy the value.The warning comes after a person in Gloucester reported the email to the police after becoming suspicious about its authenticity.

My idea is that maybe you could use Process Explorer to search out which program has opened the device.

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POLICE are warning computer users not to be fooled by a "sextortionist" who threatens to release sexual footage of the victim unless they hand over huge sums of money.

"The sender claimed to be from Belarus and stated that they had recorded the victim through the camera on their computer." Digital Intelligence Unit Detective Sergeant Sue Fereday said: "There is no suggestion that this perpetrator had any compromising footage of the victim and this is simply a ploy to scam the victim into handing over money.

"Thankfully in this case the victim didn't hand over any cash and told police straight away about the threats that had been made.

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The fraudster contacts his victims via email and claims to have recorded the compromising sexual footage through the camera on their computer.

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