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Christians make up about a tenth of Egypt's population.

They have long complained of discrimination in the Muslim-majority nation and claim authorities have often failed to protect them from sectarian attacks.

Egypt's Coptic Christians have been specifically targeted by the militants, who carried out a series of bombings against churches starting in December 2016, killing more than 100 and wounding scores.

The local Isis affiliate has claimed responsibility for all the bombings targeting Christians.

Taurine of 25 mg/kg was injected once intraperitoneally in the taurine group.

In the fourth group, 0.1 ml of glutamate was injected intravitreally, and at the same time, each rat received taurine intraperitoneally.

A gunman who shot dead at least nine people outside a Coptic Christian church in Cairo calmly walked along the street unchallenged for nearly 10 minutes, video footage suggests.

In clips circulated on social media, the attacker is seen stopping only occasionally to fire at his pursuers in the Egyptian capital before being shot himself.

Results Extensive damage and disruption of the structure of the retina with significant decrease in the mean total, outer, and inner retinal thickness and ganglion cell counts was found following glutamate intravitreal injection, with significant improvement of this picture in the taurine and the combined groups (PHow to cite this article: El-Gohari KM, Bahei-Eldin IA, Habib EM, Saad SA, Rady HY, Said AM."I saw people pelting the gunman with bottles and rocks, but he didn't point his gun at any of them," he said."He started shooting as soon as the police appeared." Mr Hamza's video and similar footage showed the gunman taking no notice of cars, motorbikes and, in some cases, pedestrians walking past him at close proximity.The sight of the Isis gunman displaying an assassin's calm contrasted with the congratulatory tone of pro-government media, whose coverage focused on how police "successfully" prevented him from breaking into the church on Friday and detonating an explosive device.The videos, which emerged on Saturday, drew a flood of critical comments about the police's handling of the shooting and ridicule of authorities for heaping lavish praise on officers.

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Significantly, that attack took place while the defence and interior ministers were on a previously unscheduled visit.

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